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Orion VR Goggles,
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Orion Virtual Reality Goggles

The Future is HERE

Fully immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality with the Orion Virtual Reality Goggles.

Enhance your experience in the imaginary reality of gaming, entertainment and play.

All you need is your smartphone.

Simply download VR apps on your smartphone and insert it onto the goggles, sit back and enjoy!

Total Immersion

Orion Virtual Reality Goggles uses the imported materials from Japan. With the 35mm focal distance,
you can now enjoy a larger visual field of up to 120° – a field of view that is closer to the context of human visual angle.


The hatch which opens at a 35° angle assures that the smartphone will not slide off easily. Once in position, the phone will not move – preventing wrong operations.

It’s protective frame is made from a soft material, ensuring that the smartphone screen is constantly protected.


The Orion VR Goggles is designed to be comfortable and lightweight.
The adjustable straps reduces the pressure on the forehead which in reduces tiredness. It’s flexible elastic support structure is adaptable to different face shapes and sizes – making it ideal for longer usage.


Using stainless steel material with high elastic force to support the back of the smartphone, you can be assured that the heat is spread out immediately – preventing overheating while in use.

With minimal light exposure, the design of the goggles ensures sufficient ventilation and at the same time prevents heat build up which warrants comfortable usage.


Adjust the focal distance for higher viewing precision

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